Visitors & Tours

Thank you for your interest in visiting the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility!

Currently, the facility is hosting only NASA stakeholder tours . Tours should be scheduled 30 days in advance.

Heather P. Keller
Communications Strategist

The NASA Michoud Assembly Facility is proud to be the host facility for your event. We take pride in offering a safe and secure environment to our colleagues and external guests.

Tours are offered M-Th from 8:30am-1:30pm. Tours must conclude by 2:45pm.

Please arrive for badging in the lobby of Building 101. (See map below) (Download directions)

  • The minimum age to visit is 10 years old. U.S. citizens 16 years and older must present a hard copy of a state issued driver’s license, ID or passport. Note: electronic ID will not be accepted.
  • Dress Code: No open-toe shoes, No high heels over 2 inches, No shorts, No sleeveless shirts, No skirts and No backpacks.
  • Please be advised that photography is strictly prohibited unless the tour guide advises otherwise.

Please take the time to view both of the following videos before coming onsite.

Site Safety and Orientation


List of Michoud Contacts

Emergency Hotline

7-2333 / 504-257-2333

Safety Hotline

7-0723 / 504-257-0723

Chemical Spill Hotline

7-LEAK (5325) / 504-257-5325

Facility Help Line

7-HELP (4357) / 504-257-4357

Security Dispatch

7-2672 / 504-257 -2672

Michoud Status

7-1623 / 1-800-611-3116

Bldg. 101 Lobby

7-1268 / 504-257-1268

On-site Phone Only