MAF is in Stage 2 of the NASA Return to Work On-Site Framework.
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Become a MAF Tenant

NASA and S3. offer Michoud tenants an EXTENSIVE selection of Shared Services that provide companies the foundation to grow, the infrastructure to expand, and in turn creates a solutions-based environment (these are just a few):

Advanced Manufacturing
Friction Stir Welding, Composite Fabrication & Cure, Calibration Measurement, Engineering and Tooling Design, Mechanical and Chemical Testing, Machining, Sub-Assemblies, Cleaning, Heat Treatment, Spray Booths, Thermal Protection Application, Transport & Lifts, Tooling Modifications, and Hazard Disposal

Business Enablers
Recruiting, Placement, Training, Development, Logistics and Advanced Supply Chain Management, Media Services, and Event Planning

Production Support
Planning, Scheduling, Lean Processing Consultation, Quality Control, Modeling and Simulation, Integration, Tooling Design and Production

Facility Improvements
Project Management, Engineering, and Construction