MAF will transition to Stage 1 of NASA’s Future of Work initiative

MAF Community: 

On Monday, March 28, MAF will transition to Stage 1 of NASA’s Future of Work initiative. On-site capacity will increase to 75% capacity or higher. Transitioning varies based on each organization’s unique makeup. Telework is encouraged, but some jobs require 100% on-site presence. Employees should discuss telework options with their respective supervisors. 

During Stage 1, MAF will continue to monitor COVID-19 cases on-site, will provide enhanced cleaning and will provide PPE to on-site personnel. The fitness center is scheduled to open Monday, April 4. The fitness center will require everyone to receive medical center approval prior to access and use. 101 lobby, badging and medical center will remain open. Masks are required in the medical center and Ochsner Health. 

MAF will remain in Stage 1 based on the CDC guideline’s on COVID-19 community transmission. Currently, Orleans Parish is in a low level of community transmission. 

Please remain vigilant. Do not come on-site if you are feeling sick. 

Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to NASA’s mission as we transition into the next stage of NASA’s future of work. 

Lonnie Dutreix 

Director, Michoud Assembly Facility